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Not Your Typical Loan and Tax Prep Company! 



By the way….just for the record….this is not a gimmick….I REALLY AM looking for someone.  This ad is for real.  Call it my "Not your everyday Tax and Loan Guy Classified Ad”.



Here’s the situation.  We need to add a person to our staff.  This person will need to be very special.  Now, I need to be careful here because my goal with this ad is to entice you (and you will know who you are!) to want to work here so bad that you’d crawl across broken glass just to apply for the job.


So, here’s how I’m hoping to accomplish this feat.  Rather than starting off by giving you some laundry list of what your “duties” will be, I think I’ll tell you what it’s like to work here.  THEN we’ll see about the laundry list.  Okay?  Here goes.


This is a Loan and Tax office.  To most people, that would dredge up images of us making phone calls, engaging in a lot of customer consulting, and doing all kinds of loans and tax returns.  Well, that’s all true.  We do all that.  And we do it very well.  But working here entails a whole lot more.  Our work philosophy centers on people first.  So, for example, if you have a child that has a baseball game today at 3pm you had better be there at that game …or you are in trouble!  Nobody will care, 20 years from now, how many loans you made or tax returns you finished.  But your kid will remember that you weren’t there for the game!


Next, we are a very informal office.  We laugh a LOT.  We enjoy each others’ company.  We have a great relationship with our clients and treat them as if they’re family…because they ARE.  We even treat EACH OTHER like family.  You will be surprised by my staff (they are strong, independent thinking, caring people who take their job seriously).  You will enjoy working with them. You will learn a LOT.


We are a young company that is constantly growing and expanding.  You will be a BIG fish in a little pond!  Oh, and you had better like vacations….yes, I said vacations with an “s”.  We work hard, but play hard too.


So, how am I doing?  Hopefully, some of you are starting to get your interest piqued (or maybe you are thinking of a friend to tell about this).


Now that I’ve given you a feel for what it’s like to work here, it’s time to give you the laundry list…in a non-laundry-list fashion, of course!



That says it all!  Doesn’t that conjure up some great images in your mind?  Anyway, let’s expand on that concept.


A successful hiring coach once said that before you hire someone you should ask yourself “What does the successful candidate look like” (and he didn’t mean physically!).  So I’m going to ramble off a few thoughts that take shape in my brain as I think about this …….


This person will be, first and foremost, a genuine “people person”.  All of the other qualifications combined are not as important as this one.


Next, this person will enjoy meeting and getting to know our clients…and I don’t just mean their names!  This person will also be very comfortable in an authoritative position, work well with others, and will have management experience.  They will lead by example and aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get a little dirty.


Now, I know that I have weeded out a lot of people already.  That’s okay.  Those who are still with me…keep reading!


This is a person who is self motivated and never runs out of work.  This person is always courteous and cheerful.  When I give them a task, I know they’ll get it done efficiently, and I won’t have to ask a second time.  They never say “but that’s not my job”.  This person is very detail-oriented.  This person would not be happy to simply maintain the status quo…they would want to grow and expand their skills and would not be shy about getting that accomplished.  They will love to accomplish goals, rising above them, and won’t stop until they do.  This person will have experience in the collection industry, as well as the tax preparation industry.  They are not a “yes” person…but they ARE a team player.  They have no fear of coming into my office and being frank and honest with me…or any of my staff.  But they are never rude, pushy or inconsiderate when doing it.  This person loves to answer phones and has a great phone voice (they are even GLAD to talk to the caller!).  This person is proactive in resolving problems as they occur.  They are energetic.


Okay…I could probably go on and on and on…but, hopefully, you are getting the picture.  Remember, I have only ONE goal for this ad.  I want to inspire the right person (whether that’s you or a friend of yours) to respond NOW.  We want this person as soon as possible.


Who might this Team Captain Be?

This person might be someone presently working somewhere but not happy.  This person might be a professional in the business community who just wants a change of pace.  So you can see that it’s the PERSON I’m looking for…not your present job, or lack thereof.  I don’t care if you have decades of experience or a little experience.


Okay, I sure hope I enticed some people to respond.  If that’s the case, you’ll need to know what to do.  By the way, please fell free to cut this out and pass it around to friends and relatives!


First, prepare a simple resume.  It doesn’t need to be pretty, cool, flashy, bizarre or anything like that.  The simpler, the better.  It doesn’t have to be done on computer…hand-written is fine (but your writing must be very legible) if you don’t have access to a computer.  If you want to attach one or two referral letters, please do…but it won’t hurt you if you don’t.


Second, take a single sheet of paper and put your name, address and phone number at the top in the middle.  Then, skip a couple of spaces and tell us something about yourself, or why you want this job, or what makes you unique…honestly, all I want from this is a “peek” into your personality.  If you hand write it, that’s okay, but it should be very legible.  Be simple, real and direct in what you write.


Thirdtake the resume & sheet of paper and get it to Mindy at my office.  How to get it to her?  E-mail it, bring it in, snail-mail it in, whatever.