Capital Solutions


Four Locations To Serve You!!!
Not Your Typical Loan and Tax Prep Company! 

Capital Solutions Investments operates a loan and income tax preparation office in downtown St. Louis Missouri. 

"We take pride in looking for reasons to help consumers get approved for a loan (one they can afford, I might add) instead of looking for reasons to turn them down".  

"Anyone can find a reason to turn an applicant down,  but we really look at the whole picture before denying anyone credit." says Todd Stimson, President and CEO.  

Give us a few minutes of your time and we will do our best to help.  We can't approve everyone but I promise my staff and I will certainly give you a fair look.  If we can't help we will gladly tell you why so you can get those problem issues fixed and start hearing the word approved instead of denied.

Todd Stimson
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